A Fuzz Above the Rest

18 Mar 2015 - SLT

Running a site for the modern gentlemen’s grooming needs, Stuart Morse offers us an insight into his mad world of facial hair, one ‘stache at a time!

Hirsute For Happiness (2 edit)Why did you start “Hirsute for Happiness?”

Well, to be honest the website came about as a bit of project after one of my Movember moustaches. This time around I decided that I would quite like to keep the moustache, as it had grown on me. In continuing to grow the moustache I began to suffer from the common problems of mouth invading hairs and curls that didn’t always appear to want to play. I was aware that moustache wax existed, but a cursory Internet search only gave me a few obvious online stores. I wasn’t happy and thought there must be more out there. I was very surprised to find very few that were still active, I think only three actually. Aware that I couldn’t be the only man in need of road-tested solid advice regarding moustache wax, I decided that I could become that man and so I created Hirsute for Happiness.

We’re big into ‘staches here at SLT, and yours is pretty spectacular. how do you take care of it?

Care of a moustache and indeed any facial hair has two schools of thought, one is just treat it like normal hair and the other is understanding that your facial hair is different and therefore needs a specific care routine. I sit firmly with the latter. My routine is something I have found works for me and might not be everybody’s ideal. I only use my soap two times a week on my facial hair, unless I happen to have got myself in a mess, and rely on water from the shower to keep things clean. Out of the shower I walk, dripping wet, to the bedroom where I style and dry my moustache with a hairdryer on cool heat, not hot, and this sets the style for me. Most days I do not use a moustache wax, just something to protect and hydrate the hairs and skin. Beard oil, beard balm are my preferred not-so-secret weapons. It’s important to treat the hairs gently and not to touch it too often after it’s styled too. I use handmade or saw-cut combs and brushes to prevent damage and carry one with me in case I need a tidy-up after eating.

If you had to pick, what would your top 5 favourite moustache styles be?

Hmm, tough call that. Natural handlebar is top spot for me, I much prefer a thicker, fuller moustache. The imperial moustache is a really special style, then I would say maybe the English-style moustache, which really tests a quality wax in holding tightrope straight tips. Then maybe the old faithful, let it hang down walrus-style, with maybe the petite handlebar in there, too, as keeping those in shape is a tough job.

You are now rocking a beard & lots of hair. talk us through the steps you take to grow it, maintain it, etc.

Indeed, my beard is at four months now and the moustache is over two years. For a long time I used to say that a beard was easy to grow, but a moustache takes real commitment and it’s often why many men with beards cut the moustache short. It can be difficult to manage but with a few simple tricks, which I cover on YouTube, you can have a moustache and enjoy it. I decided I should grow a beard, too, to see if what I was saying was true, but also to see if the product I am developing suits a beard as well, which it does.

Any advice for other “growers”?

My first point to make is: let your facial hair grow, whether that be a moustache or beard, goatee or partial beard. In letting it grow you will learn, firstly, if your hairs are coming in well, and also that longer hairs become more flexible allowing them to be styled more. The itch often puts people off, but this is because stubble at 2mm is as strong as copper wire and it digs into your skin causing irritation. Allowing it to grow out means it has more flex and feels softer. As it grows, learn to love what you grow, it’s your face, unique to you so love it for what it is and be proud.

If you have an interest in moustaches, beards and grooming products check out Hirsute for Happiness at http://www.hirsuteforhappiness.com