Epitomising the Mysticism of the Orient – Oros’s Oud

20 Oct 2015 - SLT

Oros Oud AED 395 for 50 ml.Oros, a luxurious French fragrances brand with perfumes encased with Swarovski crystals, introduces its Oros Oud, a rich and delicious oriental woody fragrance. Oud, made of a rare Arabian wood which, when burnt, creates an everlasting fragrance. Encapsulated by Oros, the Oros Oud Eau de Parfume is a soul-touching fragrance with a strong, enigmatic fragrance that captures Created from the wood of the Agar tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, the Oud oil has been used for centuries on the skin and hair as a symbol of beauty and regality. The exotic blend of rich, spicy notes mingling with saffron, rose, jasmine and geranium with a dry-down of musk, amber and patchouli that lingers fresh for a long time. Embellished with Swarovski crystals and the golden pattern of the oriental mashrabiya symbolic of the covetable aura of mystery that surrounds the history of Oud. Leaving behind a silky trail across the skin, the Oros Oud is a divine fragrance sure to enrapture the senses and leave a delicate feel long after application.