The New Citizen ‘Ambiluna’ Collection

24 Mar 2016 - SLT

Inspired by  Serpentine Gallery Pavilion architect Sou Fujimoto.

EW5490-83A_2Citizen has created honest luxury with the Citizen L brand. This is the spirit behind the launch of a new style of luxury watch —“Ambiluna” . Citizen merges craftsmanship with timeless, elegantly simple and modern designs. By eschewing gaudy decoration in favour of simple beauty that reflects true inner quality and fine watchmaking, Citizen L challenges the conventional notion of watch and proposes a new style and definition of luxury watch, that cares for environment, people, and culture. The product stories and messages of Citizen L is what make the watches and wearers truly beautiful. The Citizen L Ambiluna collection was inspired by an architect Sou Fujimoto and the brand is supervised by a fashion journalist Yoshiko Ikoma to reinforce the message of Citizen L. This new luxury watch collection embraces the concepts of sustainability and craftsmanship — revering and sharing traditional skills and techniques with a new generation of powerful women. In the spirit of sustainability, all products in the Citizen L new collection feature Eco-Drive*1, a core Citizen technology that powers watches using any light source. The name “Ambiluna” is a portmanteau word derived from two elements:” Ambient” and “Lunar.” “Ambient” evokes the natural environment rich in air and light, while “Lunar” suggests the subtle power of the gently-glowing Moon, as well as the moon-sapphire crystal used for the watch face. Watch is, by nature, a mechanical and precise object whereas time is formless and intangible. Under the concept of “absolute light”  Sou Fujimoto combines these two conflicting elements into this watch through the use of light and design. The sapphire glass surface is frosted on purpose so that the wearer does not so much “read” as “feel” the time. This “Moon-glazed sapphire crystal” , is inspired by a pale moon veiled in a haze casting a soft light. As a result of this unique crystal design and time-honored craftsmanship, each watch in this collection is not simply a tool to tell time but a timepiece that tells a story.