The Omega Globemaster

27 Jan 2016 - SLT

CO_Globemaster_caseback_130. in the true spirit of Omega, the Globemaster houses the brand’s most advanced mechanical movement and features a design inspired by early Constellation models that represent horological expertise and Omega’s legacy of precision and outstanding performance. Each watch is certified through a series of independent tests – a revolutionary process that establishes a new quality standard in the watch industry. Omega’s history influenced the Globemaster’s caseback, where a medallion has been stamped with an image of an observatory, representing the precision awards that the watchmaker received during the famous chronometer observatory trials. Eight stars in the sky above the observatory symbolize the most important precision records that Omega set and, reflecting how the brand’s commitment to quality has endured, the stars also signify the eight METAS-certified criteria that a timepiece and its movement must pass in order to receive Master Chronometer status. Two design features that define the Globemaster are also its dial, which is created in a style that watch collectors have long referred to as a pie-pan dial, and the “fluted” bezel, an element that has decorated several famous Constellation watches.